Hayri Goztas – Godfather of Harringay

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Hayri Göztas – “Drug Godfather” of Harringay, recently revealed as North Londons top police informer

Hayri Goztas - police informerWho is Hayri Goztas?

Until 2004, Hayri seemed to be just a simple cafe owner living and working in North London.

However, an undercover operation by the National Crime Squad revealed Hayri Göztas to be running Britains most extensive drug smuggling operation at the time. Hayri was known as “Aga”, Turkish for leader, and ruled North London with an iron fist. He ruled his gang by fear and employed dozens of henchmen.

Married twice with two children, 63 year old Hayri is a known bigamist with one wife in London, England and the other in Adana, Turkey.

Hayri and the Heroin Trade

Heroin smugglingAround £1 million of Heroin was known to have been smuggled each week into Britain by Hayri for over a year, flooding the streets with misery and death. Shipments of heroin were brought by the lorryload from Afghanistan via Turkey into Britain. Police estimated he controlled 90% of the Heroin market in Britain.

The vast operation was finally discovered when an attack which left a woman shot dead led to an extensive police surveillance operation which caught Hayri as being both the mastermind organising a deadly drug trade, and the head of an extortion racket centered on the Green Lanes area of Harringay in North London. His extortion racket forced hundreds of shopkeepers and local businessmen to pay for protection or face beatings and attacks on their property.

Hayri was finally convicted in October 2004 after a lengthy trial which was extensively covered by the media. He was sentenced to sixteen years in prison, to be followed by deportation to Turkey immediately upon his release.

Avoiding Deportation

Hayri Goztas avoids DeportationHayri Göztas was calculated to have earned over £50 million in a hidden fortune which the police were never able to trace and seize, despite extensive attempts to do so. With this hidden wealth police were certain that Hayri would immediately rebuild his criminal empire on his release from prison. His deportation was vital to the safety of Great Britain, and had already being initiated by The Home Office as his release date due near.

However, instead of being escorted from prison to the airport and placed on a one-way flight to Turkey, Hayri Goztas was quietly and mysteriously released back into society. Everyone involved in the original case were also ordered to never mention Hayri again and to refuse to make any statements about him in future. He quickly faded from peoples memories.

But it has now been revealed how Hayri managed to avoid deportation and stay in Great Britain…

Through his lawyer, Hayri offered to provide information on his associates that would allow the police to close down other criminal operations and attain high profile convictions – in return for him being allowed to stay in Britain. By becoming a police informer Hayri had found his way to secure residence in England, and establish a new life for himself back in London.

On statements and evidence supplied by Hayri, Four men have so far been arrested, convicted, and sentenced to between 15 and 20 years in prison since he has been released. A fifth person is also currently awaiting trial after being arrested this year, showing that Hayri continues to provide evidence to the police in return for protection from deportation and from being re-arrested for any new offences.

Why is this being revealed now?

Police informer - Hayri GotzasA list of police informers containing six names has recently been leaked to the media and Hayri Göztas is prominently featured on this latest list. This is not the first time that a list of police informers has been leaked, with previous leaks containing up to 33 names. The media have remained tight lipped on this release and a gagging order has been obtained whilst police contact and organise safety measures for all of the informers who have been uncovered.

In this case, officers involved with the original prosecution had grown angry. Their anger is not at the fact Mr Gotzas managed to avoid deportation as they acknowledge that he was instrumental in bringing down other criminal empires. Resentment grew when they became aware from a growing number of reports that Hayri has now restarted all of his criminal operations and has even benefitted from taking over from people he has had arrested. The police feel used but powerless to act even with growing evidence.

We have asked The Metropolitan Police about Hayri being recently outed as a police informer. They informed us that they were not allowed to make a comment about ongoing matters. More importantly, they refused to neither confirm nor deny that they had a working relationship with Hayri Goztas.

Hayri Goztas today

Green Lanes - ruled by Hayri GoztasStrong in the belief that any potential charges against him will quietly be dropped, Hayri has grown bold and now operates almost the same level of business in 2017 as he did back in 2004.

1) Heroin is being smuggled monthly into Britain in growing quantities. It is sourced in Afghanistan and shipped via Turkey to Britain. This trade is being run by Hayri Göztas.

2) A Protection Racket is operating in the Green Lanes area of North London. This protection racket is growing and will spread to other areas. Shopkeepers and small businesmen are afraid to talk to the police – ironic when the criminal extorting them is himself a police informer and only operates his racket as he feels protected by the Metropolitan Police.

3) Hayri gathers evidence on his associates and other people, and provides it to the police along with statements and accusations. By doing this he can remove enenmies and also take over rivals operations, whilst continuing to gain more credit with the Metropolitan Police.

What we demand

Make Harringay safe againWe the people of Harringay demand that Hayri Göztas should be immediately deported back to Turkey and banned from entering the UK in future. He was convicted and sentenced in a fair trial, and the ruling must be upheld as the judge had originally ordered.

By doing this:

  • Heroin will stop flooding the streets of Britain.
  • Shopkeepers and businessmen will not have to live in fear.
  • Crime rates in London will be lowered.
  • People will not fear being arrested on false accusations.
  • The British justice system will stop being mocked and abused.
  • Harringay will be a safer and stronger community.
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